Study Products - FAQ

  • Why should I buy any of your study products?

    Great's what a few of our students said about this:

    "...I already purchased CFA study materials from another provider and am taking their classes, but I sill couldn't grasp some topics. Maybe I just needed to hear it explained by someone else for it to sink in.

    "...I didn't have time to go through the CFA curriculum page by page and I wanted someone to tell me what to skip and what to focus in on. Your notes and videos did just that.

    "...I used your CFA notes as my final review plan. I actually took your Instructor Slides and exercises to the exam to review at lunch! No way I could review the 2000+ pages in my Kaplan texts.

    "...Your CFP study materials were pure GOLD! I used another provider and found it WAY too technical.

  • Who is the author of your study products?

    There are so many "Youtubers" and "pop up" websites out there. How do you find a trusted and competent source to rely on?

    For over 10 years, we operated as a CFA Institute Approved Prep Provider.

    We are a Certified Educational Institution - Canada

    We have been providing exam prep resources since 1999.

    All of our study products have been created by Prof. Brian Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI.

    Prof. Gordon is an exam prep expert with over 20 years of experience teaching financial industry candidates. So highly sought after, his CFA study program in Toronto was eventually acquired by Kaplan Schweser.

    The Exam Success study products have been crafted from his personal notes and classroom learning resources.

  • If I have a content related question, is there someone I can speak to?

    The answer is yes and no. It depends on which product you have purchased.

    CFA Products:
    CFA Focus Course: Plus students and Power Review students enjoy our "Ask the Prof." student support feature.

    QAFP and CFP Products:
    Complete Study Package students enjoy our "Ask the Prof." student support feature.

    CIM and CSC Products:
    These products are designed to be used as self study, without support.

    Be aware, we also offer tutoring for candidates that require a little extra personal attention.

  • If I do not pass can I access the products again for free?

    CFA Products:
    CFA Focus Course: Plus students enjoy a 1-year Success Guarantee, which entitles you to one free new exam attempt that falls within 1 year of the exam date that corresponds with the original purchase.

    CFP, CIM and CSC Products:
    We provide free access for up to 2 years from your purchase date or until you pass your exam, whichever date comes first.

  • Can I get a refund?

    We understand, sometimes you push that buy button without really thinking it over — so we give you 24 hours after your purchase time to back out and get a full refund, no questions asked.

    This is not a "test it, see if you like it" offer — we have lots of free samples for that.

    Our Terms of Use, clearly state due to the downloadable nature of our products, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances after you have logged in to the site.

  • Do I pay tax on your products?

    Yes you do. We help candidates from countries around the world.

    To make the purchase process as efficient as possible, we have simplified our payment system so the price you see includes all applicable taxes.

    If you have any questions or require any adjustments, just email us and our Student Support Team will be glad to help.

  • Where are your passing rates?

    CFA Institute does not permitted prep providers to quote CFA exam passing rates. Posting such would be a violation of their policies.

    We do review the published list of successful QAFP and CFP candidates and have a near 100% completion rate!

    Now having said that, would anyone quote a low passing rate?

    So ask yourself if an unverifiable passing rate is really a reliable measure to're supposed to be an analyst, right?

    Look at our 20+ year history, favourable reviews and industry accreditations as proof positive you're in good hands with Exam Success!