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  • "I already know a lot of this...

    Our resources are designed for candidates who have strong academic backgrounds and just want the "need to know" material to pass.

  • "I failed, now what...?

    Our resources are designed for candidates who are repeating a level and just want a quick and concise program to help fill knowledge gaps.

  • "I don't have time to study...

    Our resources are designed for busy, confident professionals who are looking to "just pass" and get on with life.

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Through his 20+ years of CFA exam prep experience, Prof. Gordon has developed one of the most effective and efficient methods to prepare for standardized financial industry exams. Using a modular system, covering one topic at a time, the Prof. will help you build your knowledge base quickly with less frustration. Prof. Gordon's use of nontechnical, plain language will develop your thought process so you can confidently tackle the tough exam questions you need to get over the passing mark.

  • Eliminating common study traps and roadblocks, we'll help pinpoint your weak areas and close any knowledge gaps.

  • Filtering out the distractions, the Prof. identifies highly testable items and must know concepts.

  • Forget forgetting, our learning methods will boost your knowledge retention allowing you to easily review and recall key concepts all the way to exam day.

  • Conquer feelings of being overwhelmed, knowing that you are in the hands of one of the world's most experienced CFA exam prep experts!

CFA Exam Resource Highlights:


    We summarize the study sessions into 30 to 50 pages, explaining the concepts in easy to understand every day language so our students gain a deeper understanding of the material.


    Our essay questions are more true to the actual exam, where you will be required to recognize the signals and connect the dots to draw correct conclusions to arrive at the correct answer.


    Our 40 to 60 min teaching videos get right to the point providing enough detail so students can understand the concepts, without having to sift through all the distracting information.

  • Learning examples, and more..

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