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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Quantitative Methods

    • Quantitative Methods Introduction

    • TVM Introduction

    • Time Value of Money Lesson

    • Organizing, Visualizing and Describing Data Introduction

    • Frequency Distribution Lesson

    • Measures of Central Tendency Lesson

    • Quantiles, Quintiles, Deciles and Percentiles Lesson

    • Measures of Dispersion Lesson

    • Correlation Lesson

    • Probability Concepts Introduction

    • Probability Concepts Lesson

    • Common Probability Distributions Introduction

    • Common Probability Concepts Lesson

    • Sampling and Estimation Introduction

    • Sampling and Estimation Lesson

    • Hypothesis Testing Introduction

    • Hypothesis Testing Lesson

    • Introduction to Linear Regression Introduction

    • Introduction to Linear Regression Lesson Part 1

  • 3


    • Eco Intro

    • Topics in Demand and Supply Intro

    • Topics in Demand and Supply Analysis Lesson

    • The Firm and Market Structures Intro

    • The Firm and Market Structures Lesson

    • Aggregate Output, Prices and Economic Growth Intro

    • Aggregate Output, Prices and Economic Growth Lesson

    • Understanding Business Cycles Intro

    • Understanding Business Cycles Lesson

    • Monetary and Fiscal Policy Intro

    • Monetary and Fiscal Policy Lesson

    • International Trade and Capital Flows Intro

    • International Trade and Capital Flows Lesson

    • Currency Exchange Rates Intro

    • Currency Exchange Rates Lesson

  • 4

    Financial Statement Analysis

    • Accounting Intro

    • Financial Reporting and Analysis Intro

    • Financial Statements Intro

    • Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis Lesson

    • Financial Reporting Standards Intro

    • Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Reporting Standards Lesson

    • Comment on Preliminary Reading

    • Preliminary Reading - Financial Reporting Mechanics Lesson

    • Understanding the Income Statement Intro

    • Understanding Income Statements Lesson - Part 1

    • Converged Accounting Standards for Revenue Recognition

    • Understanding Income Statements Lesson - Part 2

    • Understanding the Balance Sheet Intro

    • Understanding the Cash Flow Statement Intro

    • Understanding Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements Lesson

    • Financial Analysis Techniques Intro

    • Financial Analysis Techniques Lesson

    • Accounting for Inventory Intro

    • Accounting for Inventory Lesson

    • Long Lived Assets Intro

    • Long-lived Assets Lesson

    • Deferred Income Taxes Intro

    • Deferred Income Taxes Lesson

    • Non-current (Long-term) Liabilities Intro

    • Non-current (Long-term) Liabilities Lesson

    • Financial Reporting Quality Intro

    • Financial Reporting Quality Lesson

    • Applications of Financial Statement Analysis Intro

    • Applications of Financial Statement Analysis Lesson

  • 5

    Corporate Issuers

    • Copy of Corporate Finance Intro

    • Corporate Governance Intro

    • Corporate Governance Lesson

    • Capital Budgeting Intro

    • Capital Budgeting Lesson

    • Working Capital Intro

    • Working Capital Management Lesson

    • Cost of Capital Intro

    • Cost of Capital Lesson

    • M&M Theory of Capital Structure

    • Measures of Leverage Intro

    • Measures of Leverage Lesson

  • 6

    Equity Investments

    • Equity Investments Intro

    • Market Organization and Structure Intro

    • Market Organization and Structure Lesson

    • Security Market Indexes Intro

    • Security Market Indexes Lesson

    • Overview of Equity Securities Intro

    • Overview of Equity Securities Lesson

    • Investing in Non-domestic Equity Securities

    • Industry and Company Analysis Intro

    • Industry and Company Analysis Lesson

    • Equity Valuation: Concepts and Basic Tools Intro

    • Equity Valuation Lesson

  • 7

    Fixed Income

    • Fixed Income Introduction

    • Fixed Income Defining Elements Intro

    • Fixed-Income Securities: Defining Elements Lesson

    • Fixed Income Markets Trading Issuance Intro

    • Fixed-Income Markets: Issuance, Trading, and Funding Lesson

    • Fixed Income Valuation Intro

    • Fixed Income Valuation Lesson Part 1

    • Fixed Income Valuation Lesson Part 2

    • Asset-Backed Securities Intro

    • Asset Backed Securities Lesson

    • Understanding Fixed-Income Risk and Return Intro

    • Understanding Fixed Income Risk and Return Lesson

    • Credit Analysis Intro

    • Fundamentals of Credit Analysis Lesson

  • 8


    • Derivatives Intro

    • Derivative Markets and Instruments Intro

    • Derivative Markets and Instruments Lesson

    • Option Payoffs at Expiration

    • Basics of Derivatives Pricing and Valuation Intro

    • Basics of Derivative Pricing and Valuation Lesson

  • 9

    Alternative Investments

    • Alternative Investments Intro

    • Alternative Investments Lesson

  • 10

    Portfolio Management

    • Portfolio Management introduction

    • Portfolio Management: An Overview Intro

    • Portfolio Management: An Overview Lesson

    • Risk and Return Part I Intro

    • Risk and Return Part I Lesson

    • Risk and Return Part II Intro

    • Risk and Return Part II Lesson

  • 11

    Ethical and Professional Standards

    • Ethics Question Analysis Intro

    • Ethics Question Analysis 1

    • Ethics Question Analysis 2

    • Ethics Question Analysis 3

    • Ethics Question Analysis 4

    • Ethics Question Analysis 5

    • Ethics Question Analysis 6

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