CFA Level I Derivatives

Often CFA exam candidates are overwhelmed by the derivatives material. Our derivatives study materials will help you build confidence regarding pricing, valuation, markets and instruments.

This module cracks the exam code by showing you how to:

  • Differentiate between futures and forwards.

  • Calculate the price and value of derivatives.

  • Interpret the key features of option contracts.

  • Easily remember and interpret put-call parity.

  • Use the binomial option pricing model.

The Exam Success Difference

  • 20+ years of CFA exam prep experience
  • CFA Institute approved prep provider
  • Engaging, motivating and inspirational educator
  • Straight to the point - exam focused approach
  • Remove your pain points - avoid study traps

CFA Level I Derivatives

There are 5 sections included in this module:

  • 1

    Message from Prof. Gordon

  • 2

    CFA Study Materials

  • 3

    Derivative Markets and Instruments

  • 4

    Basics of Derivative Pricing and Valuation

    • Basics of Derivatives Pricing and Valuation Intro

    • Basics of Derivative Pricing and Valuation Lesson

    • Quick Teaching Video Clips Intro

    • Forward Contract Price

    • Forward Contract Monetary and Non monetary Benefits and Costs

    • FRA Basics

    • Interest Rate Swap Basics

    • Protective Put

    • Put Call Parity

    • Binomial Option Model Basics

  • 5

    Practice Questions

    • Practice Questions Intro

    • Derivatives Quiz 1

    • Derivatives Quiz 2

Teaching what you need to know to pass!

CFA Level I Derivatives Module